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Hey guys, the blog is shifted to a new self-hosted location


Please update your feeds and do follow me on the new blog 🙂

(Its still under construction)

Things to do before i die …

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Lately it became things to do before i leave college 😛

1. Make some friends for life. [CHECK]

2. Learn how to play guitar. [CHECK]

3. Get a job. [CHECK]

4. Be the reason for someones happiness.

5. Become a renegade. [CHECK] (the protest :D)

6. Get a 9 pointer. [CHECK]

7. Bunjee jumping.

8. White water rafting. [CHECK]

9. Learn Salsa.

10. Be Awesome.

11. Have a girlfriend.

12. Be stupid. [CHECK] (all the time)

13. Perform on stage. [CHECK]

14. Go on a trip with friends. [CHECK]

15. Talk to a foreigner. [CHECK]

16. Take a picture with a foreigner.

17. Do something original. [CHECK]

18. Make a movie. [CHECK]

19. Write and compose a song.

20. Organize an event. [CHECK]

21. Get into a fight. [CHECK]

22. Win first prize in something. [CHECK]

23. Be good at a sport. [CHECK] (i think so :S)

24. Hit on someone. [CHECK]

25. Hit someone. [CHECK]

26. Learn Swimming.

27. Learn how to drive a car.




(list incomplete)



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Just a small photoshop work.. Thats the durban stadium… along with MESSIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII 🙂

You’re a good soldier
Choosing your battles
Pick yourself up
And dust yourself off
And back in the saddle

You’re on the frontline
Everyone’s watching
You know it’s serious
We’re getting closer
This isnt over

The pressure is on
You feel it
But you’ve got it all
Believe it

When you fall get up
Oh oh…
And if you fall get up
Oh oh…

Tsamina mina
Cuz this is Africa

Tsamina mina eh eh
Waka Waka eh eh

Tsamina mina zangalewa
Anawa aa
This time for Africa

Spiderman saves MNNIT

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Was just getting bored so i did this Photomanipulation on the “Railway Bridge” pic taken by Ashwin Verlekar sir. The bridge is near our college… gave it a bluish tint to give it the look of a still from a movie. Spiderman trying to save MNNIT 😛
not a serious work, just for fun.

Total editing time – around 40 mins


[First the Reference pic – low resolution version because the original pic was HUGE]

[And then the manipulation]

AnF 1.17 “Always n Forever”

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This brings us to an end of the AnF series. The only reason why i started this was because i needed a channel to vent out my thoughts and emotions… And i guess we all feel the same, though not in the same time frame but at some point in our lives. It took me 17 days to pour it all out. But AnF would have been incomplete without some people who kept me going. so here they are (not in any order)

1. the Phoenix aka Hemant – The best critic around and the best observer ever 😛 .. kept my spirits high with his daily comments and Observation of the day.

2. theRook aka mitesh – The co-best critic and a genius in his own style of creativity… RESPECT… and thank you for giving the central character a name (Mr. AnF) . The World of Verse

3. Anubhuti – the secret agent. Its time the world should know about this great hidden talent. She provided me with great quotes and saved my behind many times. Her contributions can be seen in AnF’s The Prank (#2), Friend for Life(#4), I am someone else (#8) etc.

to all of my friends who supported me in this when everybody thought i was just a crazy person running around in the college with a camera 😛

thanks to Ashish Sethi, Abhishek, Shobhit, Pallavi, Sonam, ROMA, my sister Aditi, Paonta, Hunter, Saurabh, all the gr8 BUZZers around and finally… thanks to u meg, for being my diary, my backbone.

i hope all of us will always be friends…. Always n Forever.

the evil genius signing out… 😉

AnF 1.16 “You n Me”

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AnF Season 1 FINALE tomorrow 27th April. Guys do check out how it ends….

AnF 1.15 “Help”

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FINALE on 27th April

AnF 1.14 “The Fall”

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The Final 3 start from tomorrow.

AnF 1.13 “The Dreamers”

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“In memory of those who died waiting for the lecture to end” – i’v seen it written at many places 😛

AnF Season 1 FINALE on 27th April. The countdown begins

AnF 1.12 “For-never”

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