Its not just a campus fest… its more

Posted: November 26, 2009 in Uncategorized

After a long long hibernation… i am back… and what have i been doin lately??? Lets just say, i had some experiences… and now i am writing a post a week before my End Sem exams ๐Ÿ˜›

GNOSIOMANIA – Yes I am G+ve…. Yes i love this festival… Because it has a spirit… a soul.. something that runs in the blood of every single person associated with it.

So, as the <air quote>Creative Head<air unquote> :P, i wanted to show the world what i’v been doin to contribute towards this epic in the making…


This is a Beta Release of the Gnosiomania 2010 Poster… A lot of hardwork over this one… The Color of the poster dedicated to our Green Theme.. The book represents the Regular Fest events… and the medallion represents THE SEVEN QUESTS.. go to

PS – That scroll was made totally from scratch

PPS – The website ( changes with the time of the day ๐Ÿ™‚ I just wanted the website to be different… and it was well received

PPPS – Please comment

The Seven Quests of Gaia

This is something i like about Gnosiomania… Innovation and Out of this world creativity… The Quests are one of a kind.. These are The Seven Quests of Gaia.. and the Legend goes like this :

“Once upon a time, when the horrors of waste reached its prime

When biodiversity rued and pollution, salination and deforestation continued;

Mother Gaia resurrected in plight, wrecking fury on all mortals in sight

Only one can calm her down, and that hero must be found.

That one hero is wise and strong, confident in his ways along

Daring to challenge the course, a strong believer in Nature’s force;

Balance of the seven elements, Air, earth, water, sky, fire, intellect, sentiments

Supported by his entire race, Wins Gaia’s holy word to drive some sense.”

Gnosiomania 2010 is looking for a hero that can take the word of Gaia to the rest of the human race. That warrior must not only be caring enough for Nature, but also heard by his people. Are you one? Are you G+ ?

Seven Medallions, that Gaia left upon us.. but they are hidden somewhere… And this is a quest to find them, only a true warrior who cares about these Seven Elements can find them. Do you have it in you??? To save the mother Earth?

G+ve ARE YOU???

hehe.. well.. this was a little but effective idea that came into my mind for the publicity of our tagline…but first All Hail Mitesh, our PR Head for giving us such a intriguingย  and intimidating tagline

we all use gtalk.. and yes.. we read everyone’s caption and view their profile pics… so what else can be better than doing a sub-conscious publicity… i just made a neat little Logo for the tagline and provided as peoples Gtalk, Orkut, MSN, FB etc.. buddy icons… but we never thought that this will spread so fast…

Soon… i knew that i had to bring something new.. ergo came the different versions of the G+ve Logo. Kinda like the Google Doodles, one for every occasion

G+ve Classic


G+ve - purple envy


G+ve - Rose Red


Culrav 2010 Fanart

This is just my tribute to Culrav… The cultural fest of our college… made it in a record time of 20 mins and 5 secs ๐Ÿ˜‰

Please comment

Thats it for now.. i got work again ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

The Evil Genius signing off ๐Ÿ˜‰

  1. Nice man … really some talent

  2. theRooK says:

    Really not just a Campus Fest!
    And I bet you underestimate your talent so much… The subliminal publicity has worked and big time too.
    Nice work everywhere buddy and thanks for making whatever you touched into something even I can be proud of. Be it the Quests, the catchphrase or the Website release poster… It’s been an honour and pleasure working with you and this experience has been greatly rewarding…
    P.S. I told you, you should have written something on the G 10 blog as well… never mind for next year!

  3. sanjeev kumar says:

    it’s relly a appealing classy work…
    keep it up…

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