AnF 1.6 “Once upon a Crime”

Posted: April 16, 2010 in AnF

😛 We recently gave our 100th exam here at MNNIT. But somethings never change 🙂

  1. The Phoenix says:

    Observations ..
    A lame observation but still to keep the trend going on …The set of frnds are the same …
    The cap guy …who could tht person be ….

    Trying to associate the characters with real life ones …finding it hard ….really hard.

  2. amal says:

    love this one 😀 thank for the cap 😛

  3. Ashish says:

    hehe….i actually can feel…who are those four….. 😛

  4. aNsh says:

    oh yea… good times 🙂
    i love those last 4 benches… we even used to crack jokes while giving exams… and hats off to u amal aka “scofield”

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