AnF 1.10 “Over-rated”

Posted: April 20, 2010 in AnF

  1. theRooK says:

    Rather, I would like to believe that silence is under-rated… You can do so much by staying silent and you get into trouble so many times just because of a word or trying to say something

  2. The Phoenix says:

    I agree with The ROOK :

    If you stay silent the worst tht can happen is u can be misunderstood … but u can never be misquoted.

    Observation on the ANF :

    The boy is calm ,still & composed and the girl is a bit shaky ……..the girl wants the boy to begin the conversation( ..y is it always so ….)… and her body language suggests tht her face though turned away from Mr ANF .her left leg is towards his direction… So i would say here by remaining silent she speaks more than wat her words wud have … does the ANF says so …yes it does ….

    Silence deservers over rating ..:)

  3. Ashish says:

    Well…..i rather would say that making things feelings clear to the other person is much more important…..because a misunderstanding is much more probable to make things worse than a misquote….and silence company is only comforting if you know what the other person is feeling while sitting besides you…not when you don’t know…:P

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