AnF 1.13 “The Dreamers”

Posted: April 23, 2010 in AnF

“In memory of those who died waiting for the lecture to end” – i’v seen it written at many places 😛

AnF Season 1 FINALE on 27th April. The countdown begins

  1. theRooK says:

    Now this one is the best 🙂
    And the quote is so true, especially when have been watching a series of movies the whole night and don’t get head or tail of the lecture!!

  2. theRooK says:

    But it is also true that dreamers are the ones that change the world for those who have care to dream, care to think of things in a different perspective… in a future perspective

  3. Hemant Agarwal says:

    Observation :

    This ANF changes it all…

    Y a sudden departure from the world of caricatures to use of real live characters ???

    We all knew who Mr. ANF was ..but giving it such a clear cut portrayal kills the beauty of just trying to connect the strings together .. coz sometimes i felt Mr.ANF was not anshy it was someone else… well kind of related to it ….

    Moreover agree with Rook’s comment no 2.

  4. aNsh says:

    please dont try to correlate the now called “Mr. ANF” to the author….
    The characters portrayed here are purely a work of fiction and DO NOT resemble any person living or dead in real life

  5. theRooK says:

    Now that’s quite a revelation in itself!! So it could be u, me, anyone or no-one!!

  6. aNsh says:

    thats the whole idea behind it…. so that the person who sees it goes “holy crap, i’v been there”
    … we all are the same bro

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