AnF 1.16 “You n Me”

Posted: April 26, 2010 in AnF

AnF Season 1 FINALE tomorrow 27th April. Guys do check out how it ends….

  1. miteshkarwa says:

    It’s rather a bit confusing…
    If I take the direct meaning, it is very touching… Like at the end of final year, you need to leave someone you have been close for four years… Something like that

    On the other hand, the guy just wistfully talks about something else and the girl hits him with a playful reply… Think of it from that angle and you are bowled completely…

    Though previous AnFs have inspired love, so I would prefer to go with the direct one.
    Double Entendre… Intentional or not?

    • aNsh says:

      @mitesh – take the direct meaning.. as this the penultimate AnF… it wont serve justice to the finale if u take the other meaning 🙂 i mean, look at the previous AnF’s and try to relate… u’ll know… just go with the flow of the story

  2. The Phoenix says:

    Well .. the first things tht i noticed in the pic …

    Y is the girl holding a toy car …???
    The novel in the hand of Mr.ANF…
    ( Name well it is THAT KISS IN THE RAIN.. well won’t take credit for it as I couldn’t figure it out…)

    Well the “You n me ?” ..the question mark that is trademark confusion that a person goes through isn’t it …..

    The guy is also confused …

    LOVE comes with confusion…. does it not ???

    • aNsh says:

      @phoenix – must say u r the best observer around…. girl is holding a toy car… y? ask the girl…. 😛 and the girl just completed wot the guy was trying to say… and u are spot on the confusion thingy

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