AnF 1.17 “Always n Forever”

Posted: April 27, 2010 in AnF

This brings us to an end of the AnF series. The only reason why i started this was because i needed a channel to vent out my thoughts and emotions… And i guess we all feel the same, though not in the same time frame but at some point in our lives. It took me 17 days to pour it all out. But AnF would have been incomplete without some people who kept me going. so here they are (not in any order)

1. the Phoenix aka Hemant – The best critic around and the best observer ever 😛 .. kept my spirits high with his daily comments and Observation of the day.

2. theRook aka mitesh – The co-best critic and a genius in his own style of creativity… RESPECT… and thank you for giving the central character a name (Mr. AnF) . The World of Verse

3. Anubhuti – the secret agent. Its time the world should know about this great hidden talent. She provided me with great quotes and saved my behind many times. Her contributions can be seen in AnF’s The Prank (#2), Friend for Life(#4), I am someone else (#8) etc.

to all of my friends who supported me in this when everybody thought i was just a crazy person running around in the college with a camera 😛

thanks to Ashish Sethi, Abhishek, Shobhit, Pallavi, Sonam, ROMA, my sister Aditi, Paonta, Hunter, Saurabh, all the gr8 BUZZers around and finally… thanks to u meg, for being my diary, my backbone.

i hope all of us will always be friends…. Always n Forever.

the evil genius signing out… 😉

  1. The Phoenix says:

    Gosh ..thanks Anshy for appreciating me ..gosh yaar it was so tough finding the so pretty obvious observations, I had spend hours searching for them ( though really i commented within a min or so after reading it 😛 :grin )

    Anyways coming to the last ANF …
    ANF stands for Always N Forever I always ..but still Y did mitesh bug on its full form …

    To be true I am disappointed with this one … had much more expectations with the finale….

    There are hidden things which i see … ( not observe 😛 )…
    But I will not reveal any thing 😛

    yaa this series will be always & forever ….

  2. roma says:

    the series in its entirety was an emotional roller-coaster. a lil something everyone can relate to.
    the ending is perfect….just perfect . promises new promises, challenges the present and the future, shows courage to begin again. this has been ur best work so far, in the entire series. plus the depiction is breathtaking. kind of reminds me of the song Chasing Cars by Snow Patrol….wud be great with this …. 🙂 awesome work my friend.

    i am so fucking proud of you!!

  3. theRooK says:

    Though no awards are being given, Thank you for thanking me!! I don’t know what I’ve done to receive RESPECT in bold letters… figuring out what the full form could mean 🙂

    And like Hemant puts it, lots of things I can see (not observe) quite clearly. Though one thing still confuses me, rather clings to me… why the r(s) are written like revolvers, l like lightning and v like club? does the finale signify the end?

    Quote is long but the last three lines are superb, starting from ” For tonight is mere formality… ” For the finale though, it is a li’l disappointing… Was expecting some happy ending, but it goes into a ? state.

    Keep making new series… Always and forever… You’re capturing these moments quite well.

  4. deadpoet88 says:

    Lovely end…will move on to season 2 next 🙂

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