Things to do before i die …

Posted: December 21, 2010 in Innocent Thoughts

Lately it became things to do before i leave college 😛

1. Make some friends for life. [CHECK]

2. Learn how to play guitar. [CHECK]

3. Get a job. [CHECK]

4. Be the reason for someones happiness.

5. Become a renegade. [CHECK] (the protest :D)

6. Get a 9 pointer. [CHECK]

7. Bunjee jumping.

8. White water rafting. [CHECK]

9. Learn Salsa.

10. Be Awesome.

11. Have a girlfriend.

12. Be stupid. [CHECK] (all the time)

13. Perform on stage. [CHECK]

14. Go on a trip with friends. [CHECK]

15. Talk to a foreigner. [CHECK]

16. Take a picture with a foreigner.

17. Do something original. [CHECK]

18. Make a movie. [CHECK]

19. Write and compose a song.

20. Organize an event. [CHECK]

21. Get into a fight. [CHECK]

22. Win first prize in something. [CHECK]

23. Be good at a sport. [CHECK] (i think so :S)

24. Hit on someone. [CHECK]

25. Hit someone. [CHECK]

26. Learn Swimming.

27. Learn how to drive a car.




(list incomplete)

  1. Shukla says:

    I don’t know what you (#15) talk to that foreigner that you have no (#16)picture with him/her .

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