The list of things that i cannot afford right now but will have someday. If you like my work and wish to fulfill any of these wishes then please holla πŸ™‚

  • Wacom Intuos4 Graphic Tablet : The most realistic wish in the list that can come true. For a long time now i have been wanting to enter the enchanting world of digital art. It’ll reduce my drawing time to maybe less than half (The AnF’s i draw traditionaly take around 30 mins per AnF to draw, scan and photoshop. With a tablet its around 10 minutes or less). What all can be done with it? Sky is the limit. Google “digital paintings” for more.
  • Canon EOS SLR : Like many of my friends i have that Digital SLR itch. For an amateur photographer like me, any SLR would do. And since i have a passion for film-making, i want the Canon EOS 5D Mark II capable of recording 1080p high def. video. The quality is as good as a professional hollywood film camera.
  • Porsche 911 cabriolet: No words to describe this. just have a look, my dream

  • Euro Trip : I wanna travel to many places(will have a places to go before i die list soon). First choice would be Spain(Barcelona, madrid, and those small towns), Vienna, The Spanish steps of rome, Greece, Ireland. Apart from Europe, i wanna go to New Zealand, The twelve apostles, Vegas, miami, california and many more…
  1. Santa says:

    Wishlist is gud .. but at times u get things which are btter than wat u wish for … coz they make you smile

    SANTA πŸ™‚

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